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TOP 10


Product code: articolo 230

£ 71,87

Antique appliques with 2 iron lights and decorated ceramics, also made to measure


Product code: articolo L38

£ 323,43

Antique led ceiling lamp in classic wrought iron, color in gold leaf


Product code: articolo 583

£ 80,86

Vintage wall lamp with 1 led light in wrought iron, gold and silver leaf color


Product code: articolo L76

£ 71,87

Rustic outdoor wall light in forged iron, also to be customized


Product code: articolo L7

£ 79,06


Elegant applique Florentine style art in gold leaf and crystal details


Product code: articolo L77

£ 71,87

Antique wall lamp with 1 light for inside and outside, also made to measure


Product code: articolo 672

£ 80,86

Classic wall applique in gold leaf and lampshade made in Italy


Product code: articolo L53

£ 62,89

Wall lamp with 1 light in gold and silver leaf and glass, also for bathroom


Product code: articolo L23

£ 80,86

Wall light with 1 led light in wrought iron, gold leaf and crystal color



Product code: articolo 363

£ 251,56

Antique sconce with 5 lights in wrought iron, gold color, also to be customized