Our creations are made at our crafts firm. To get the highest quality and exclusive. A testimony of a work of art - Questions


1. If I purchase more articles I will pay alone one consignment?

Yes, purchasing more articles we do one consignment and therefore the expense of delivery is calculated one only time.  More articles you purchase, more savings on the consignment.

2. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal.

3. When and how to pay?

After completing the purchase on Ebay, will be contacted, by e-mail, with the total inclusive of expenses, and an e-mail containing the details you need to make your payment.

4. it is possible to receive the code of my package, for to check the consignment?

Yes, after having sent the package we will transmit, to every client, the code of consignment.

Within how long will be sent my package?  

As all our products are made at the time of order and are not in stock, delivery times are 15/20 working days. Payment may be made when the purchased piece has been created and is ready for delivery.

5. It 'can get the tracking number of my package?

Yes, after sending the package send, to each client, my tracking number.

6. Changes made in case of errors and/or breaks?

Yes, in the rare cases where something is broken or damaged during delivery, the article is immediately replaced.

7. Why buy from DUE QUALITY?

We offer quality with an unbelievable price, an immediate service of assistance, resolving any problem with courtesy and professionalism. For us a sale doesn't end when the client pays, finishes when the client is satisfied.

8. If I have a question how can I contact?

For any information or concerns, we are at your disposal, we respond quickly. To send a message just click the advertisement and use the ask a question to the seller. Or send us an e-mail to the following email address info@duequality.com , also telephone 3663568254.