Customized and customized lighting

Custom lighting

We distinguish ourselves for the ability to make lamps, sconces and chandeliers to measure, for any environment, thanks to the master craftsmen who work in our company who have, over the years, developed a skill for each specific processing. Taking care of the design, construction and production of high quality lamps and chandeliers.

Custom personalized

We start from the design, from an idea or a photo to get to the complete lighting body, during the processing stages our customers are continually informed photographically.
Great attention is given to the finishes and varnishes completely realized within our company.

Lighting for Architects and Interior Designers

Every day our staff collaborates with creatives, architects and interior designers to solve, with the utmost professionalism, special needs and requests for lighting both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some works:
wall lamp for hand-forged 


Wall light with gold leaf and crystal  

curtain rod with flower crystal   

forged chandelier handmade by craftsmen  

Chandelier with 42 lights for a restaurant


Crystal chandelier pendants and two floors   

Ceiling light with 16 lights for a hotel