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Chandeliers with lampshades

Create the perfect environment with the right atmosphere in your home, with our chandeliers with lampshades also customized


Product code: Articolo 830

£ 79,45

Elegant led ceiling lamp in forged iron and lampshade, also made to measure


Product code: articolo B26

£ 124,61

White attic lamp with shabby chic Flemish style lampshades


Product code: articolo B28

£ 124,61

White chandelier with shabby chic blue lampshades, even for a bedroom


Product code: articolo 580

£ 133,51

Ceiling lamp in antique gold color and lampshades, also made to measure


Product code: articolo 590

£ 133,51

Classic handmade chandelier with 3 lights in ivory and gold antique with lampshades


Product code: articolo 602

£ 142,41

Chandelier with 3 lights in antique ivory and handmade lampshades made in Italy


Product code: articolo L25

£ 170,89


Chandelier with white and silver laser-cut iron and crystal pendants


Product code: articolo L75

£ 213,61

Artisan chandelier with 5 lights and light blue lampshades, also for bedroom


Product code: articolo B56

£ 249,21

Handmade shabby chandelier with 5 lights and white organza lampshades


Product code: articolo L58

£ 247,17

Classic suspension with crystal pendants and lampshades color antique ivory


Product code: articolo B52

£ 267,02

Shabby chic chandelier in white color and with lampshades, also for lounge area


Product code: articolo 585

£ 302,62

Classic Florentine art style chandelier in antique gold with lampshades, handmade