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Chandeliers dining room

Let your dining room tell you about yourself through our custom-made chandeliers, objects as beautiful as they are useful, all to love


Product code: Articolo 770

£ 55,61


Suspension from the attic in wrought iron forged, Florentine art style


Product code: Articolo 720

£ 61,79

Country ceiling lamp in forged wrought iron and glass, for your kitchen


Product code: Articolo 730

£ 61,79

Classic suspension with glass, handmade forged wrought iron ceiling lamp


Product code: Articolo 760

£ 61,79

Suspension lamp for forged wrought iron ceiling and glass, antique gold color


Product code: Articolo 710

£ 70,62

Vintage pendant lamp, wrought iron ceiling lamp and antique glass


Product code: articolo 340

£ 79,45

Classic ceiling lamp chandelier with 3 light wrought iron metal glass


Product code: Articolo 830

£ 79,45

Elegant led ceiling lamp in forged iron and lampshade, also made to measure


Product code: articolo L13

£ 80,10

Chandelier made by hand crafted ivory and spring color


Product code: articolo 370

£ 105,93

Ceiling lamp chandelier with 5 light iron beaten handmade made in italy


Product code: articolo L28

£ 105,93

Modern suspension, led chandelier for ceiling in white chrome


Product code: articolo 127

£ 106,81

Country chandelier with 2 light in wrought iron glass, also for kitchen


Product code: articolo B64

£ 106,81

Simple and elegant shabby chic chandelier in white and silver color