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Chandelier with ceramic

In this category a wide range of ceramic chandeliers to illuminate your home with style. Also to be customized


Product code: Articolo 840

£ 123,49

You can choose the decoration of the ceramic, to create a personalized suspension


Product code: Articolo 850

£ 123,49

Italian suspension with hand-decorated ceramic in a traditional way


Product code: Articolo 305

£ 127,02


Rustic chandelier 3 light with wrought iron and decorated ceramic handmade


Product code: Articolo 860

£ 152,60

Italian suspension lamp in wrought iron metal forged and pottery


Product code: Articolo 870

£ 152,60

Suspension lamp lights iron metal beaten forged ceramics pottery made in italy


Product code: articolo L22

£ 170,76


Country pendant chandelier with 3 lights in wrought iron and decorated ceramics


Product code: articolo L1

£ 185,24

Italian chandelier with 2 light wrought iron decorated ceramic


Product code: articolo L4

£ 185,24

Italian chandelier with 2 light wrought iron decorated ceramic hand made


Product code: articolo 70

£ 190,53

Pendant chandelier with 3 ceramic plates decorated by hand


Product code: articolo 128

£ 190,53

Chandelier with 3 light  iron beaten decorated ceramics handicraft rustic liberty ancient baroque made in italy 


Product code: articolo 08

£ 208,17

Italian chandelier with 2 light iron beaten ceramics ancient


Product code: articolo 250

£ 211,70

Chandelier with 2 light wrought iron beaten wood ceramics handicraft rustic made in italy