Wall lamps called "Applique"


Wall lamps called "Applique"

What is a wall lamp?

How to choose wall lights?

The wall lamp is installed and often wall plug, and is able to provide a strong personality to the home environment, stand out for their ability to give life to very particular plays of light.

When we think of wall lamps, we immediately refer to the applique, they are real furnishing compliments, that I interact with any atmosphere whether in a modern or design environment, or when you have a classic atmosphere or shabby chic.

The wall lights are complements that can give a new face to the rooms of your home. These lighting complements are available in different forms and made with different materials, and you can choose between classic and traditional, shabby chic or modern appliques. Regardless of the choice, the wall lights will give the walls a completely new and original style.

Which wall lamps to choose?

As anticipated, there are many models of wall lights to choose from for your home, made in lamp and chandelier factories. But we can basically divide the models into two based on the light distribution.

On the one hand we find the wall light that projects a direct, clear and decisive light used above all to enhance a certain accessory or area of the house, or a wall light that illuminates in a soft and delicate way. These wall lamps produce directional light beams, downwards, upwards or to the sides and is ideal for creating suggestive and soft atmospheres.

When it is necessary to obtain an adjustable light, wall lamps with a flexible arm are preferable, which allows to illuminate various points of the same environment in a very simple way: all that is needed is to adjust the structure of the applique, to obtain the desired light.

The choice of wall lights that will illuminate your environment depends on several factors: the style of home furnishings, your personal tastes, the space available and your needs.

Wall sconces can be placed in any room and beyond, even the passageways between one room and another often become "fertile ground" for the positioning of stylish wall lights.

The most popular are certainly the wall lamps with metal body and white finishes, ideal for contemporary and shabby chic furnishings that give extreme value to functional furnishing accessories without sacrificing style.

So be careful to choose the models that can adapt to the general style of the environment and the whole house.

Our factory of chandeliers and lamps creates and produces daily, with passion, both classic and modern wall lights, rustic and shabby chic for any environment, we give the possibility to choose the color of the frame, the decoration of the ceramic, the number of lights and the applique size based on your taste and environment.

Once you have purchased your applique according to personal tastes and needs, you will need to place the lighting complement on the chosen wall.

Attention, it is important to choose the place carefully because once set, any displacements could be problematic.

The applique, like the other lighting complements, needs a power connection so keep in mind that it will be necessary to make an attack on the wall or connect the nearest outlet.

All you have to do is choose your wall lamps called "Applique".