The lighting of the kitchen with the chandelier


The lighting of the kitchen with the chandelier

Is the chandelier suspended enough to light up a kitchen?

Practical and simple tips to light up your kitchen creating an atmosphere welcoming and relaxing ... ..

Kitchen lighting with kitchen light fixture

Light inside our homes is important, and lighting must be designed specifically for each environment, and this is especially true for the kitchen.

The kitchen is certainly the most popular and lived-in environment of the home, lighting does not only mean having the right amount of light to carry out activities, but also and above all creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Generally kitchens have always been designed with only one light in mind, the classic pendant light for the kitchen, beyond the style of the kitchen, modern, shabby or rustic.

But the practice and daily use of this environment has revealed that a single point of light is not satisfactory to give the right light for such an important environment.

The kitchen is not only an environment for cooking, but also for carrying out most of the family activities: studying, reading, playing, receiving guests or simply watching TV.

Today, more attention is paid to lighting the kitchen and it is necessary to illuminate the areas of greatest use and interest. The lights must be more than one, located at strategic points in order to take full advantage of this environment.

The chandelier for suspended kitchen fitted to the attic, today carries out the task of illuminating the whole environment, as a whole, while other well-designed lighting points help to illuminate the various areas to be used directly or indirectly and without generating shadows.

Where to place the chandelier in the kitchen

We often wonder what is the best point to place the chandelier in the kitchen. The answer may seem obvious.

In the collective imagination, in fact, the hanging chandelier is always in the center of the room. In practical life, however, I can assure you that this is not always the optimal solution. But then, where to put the chandelier in the kitchen?

As we have already said, the best choice is to have more light points, but the core of everything is always the classic kitchen chandelier. Obviously it is not necessary to install it in the center of the room, but we can also move it over the dining table or on the peninsula.