How to choose the chandeliers for your kitchen


How to choose the chandeliers for your kitchen

 Is your kitchen rustic?is it a Shabby Chic kitchen?Classic or modern?Suspended chandeliers for kitchens have endless shapes to light up your kitchen with taste ... Some tips for choosing a chandelier for your kitchen

How to choose the suspension chandeliers for your kitchen

We often wonder what is the best point to place the chandelier in the kitchen. The answer may seem obvious. In the collective imagination, in fact, the hanging chandelier is always in the center of the room. In practical life, however, I can assure you that this is not always the optimal solution. But then, where to put the chandelier in the kitchen? As we have already said, the best choice is to have more lights, but the fulcrum of everything is always the classic chandelier for the kitchen. Obviously it is not necessary to install it in the center of the room, but we can also move it over the dining table or on the peninsula.

How to choose kitchen chandeliers

The kitchens are not all the same. Variety of styles, colors and materials make each kitchen unique. Even the choice of combinations between the various elements and their position within the environment makes a kitchen different from any other.

Here are some tips on how to choose kitchen chandeliers based on the style of your furniture.

Chandelier for rustic kitchen

The kitchens furnished in rustic style are characterized by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inspired by the simplicity of the houses of the past.

The suspension chandelier for a rustic kitchen, par excellence, is represented by a beautiful wrought iron chandelier. The perfect mix of refinement and simplicity ...

A suspension chandelier that, even if it has elaborate decorations, will never clash in a comfortable environment like the rustic kitchen.

As for the materials, here too it is important to stay on the subject, preferring glass, wood, metal and hand-decorated ceramics.

The color of the chandelier based on the colors used in the room, the rustic wrought-iron chandelier can have light colors like white and ivory (tending to the Provencal or shabby style), but by far befitting more dark and decisive shades like black, brown, bronze or rust rustic colors.

If, on the other hand, you want to stay on the subject with the environment, a rocking light for kitchen, perhaps in wrought iron, with ceramic or with glass diffusers will prove to be an excellent solution.

Chandelier for classic kitchen

There are many choices for a classic kitchen. The best ones fall on the classic kitchen chandeliers with clean and outlined lines. In a kitchen of this type, a chandelier with adjustable height, perhaps in wrought iron, also forged by hand or worked in Florentine style, fits very well.

Shabby style chandelier for kitchen

The shabby chic kitchen chandelier can only be in wrought iron, forged wrought iron, with hand-decorated ceramics or with glass. In white or ivory color. The wrought iron chandelier can have a simple or worked decoration that allows you to create floral elements.

The chandelier can have lampshades created in fabric with light and pale colors, ivory or cream white or with its thousand shades and if you want you can decorate them with floral motifs.

You can also use a model in dark metal and glass to get a nice contrast and break with the very light tones of the furniture.

Chandelier for modern kitchen

The chandelier that best fits a modern kitchen is design. Clean and essential lines will enhance the modern spirit. An industrial-style model that falls within the modern chandelier models for kitchens is also an excellent choice