Customized lighting for restaurant, hotel, b & b and bar


Customized lighting for restaurant, hotel, b & b and bar

Customized and customized lighting for restaurant, hotel, b & b and bar

You started your restaurant, hotel, b & b or bar and with loving care and attention .....

you have chosen curtains, furniture, tables, sofas and carpets: all coordinated and designed to hit the eye of your customers and immerse them in a pleasant atmosphere.

But is there still something you can do to make your creation irresistible in an original and economical way?

Lighting at this point becomes essential to complete the atmosphere by coordinating light and design harmony.

A great help comes from custom-made lighting for your business, be it a restaurant, hotel, hotel, b & b or bar, which allows you to choose the lighting solution best suited to the activity you are doing and create the atmosphere right according to the moment.

The customized lighting gives you the great opportunity to personalize every element of the chandelier, wall lamp, light or lamp, to be able to choose the color and number of lights, and to have a unique piece of furniture that is different from all the others.

The chandelier and / or lamp is designed to doc for a specific environment and in relation to certain needs and needs.

The advantages of customized lighting are those of being able to furnish your restaurant, hotel, b & b or bar in the best way by exploiting and optimizing every single centimeter. No more waste, let alone difficulty to furnish and illuminate certain areas that are complex or sometimes impossible to complete with a normal light source.

Here are some simplicity and humble advice:

- It favors natural lights: it moves the curtains and leaves doors and windows open. Natural light will give a pleasant atmosphere to the rooms and encourage customers to stay ... if you have the plus of a beautiful view, you're done!

- Illuminates the details: wall or ceiling lamps can be used to give importance to details, such as design objects, paintings and mirrors. This way you will create a fun game of lights and shadows that will fill the empty spaces.

- Use different types of lights. Ceiling lights, with a ceiling light, and wall lights, with an applique, are indispensable for total lighting of the room, but do not forget to insert table or floor lamps, so customers can choose the luminous gradation and create the atmosphere which they prefer.