Custom chandeliers and lamps


Custom chandeliers and lamps

Why choose a custom chandelier or lamp?

Surely to have a personalized lighting ...

Basically, those who rely on customized lighting solutions do so in order to benefit from the great possibility of being able to choose the color and number of lights, to make the most of every space in their home, to have a unique piece of furniture and different from all the others.
The chandelier and / or lamp is designed to doc for a specific environment and in relation to certain needs and needs.

Advantages of customized lighting

The advantages of customized lighting are that of being able to furnish the rooms of your home to the fullest by exploiting and optimizing every single centimeter. No more waste, let alone difficulty to furnish and illuminate certain areas that are complex or sometimes impossible to complete with a normal light source.
On the other hand, those who opt for tailor-made lighting often have longer times.
Unique works often created in limited editions, created on commission based on an idea, a drawing or a photo to get to the complete lighting fixture. The attention is total throughout the processing phases and the client is constantly updated and informed often with photos, the relationship with the client and continuous up to the realization of his own chandelier or personalized lamp.