How to clean your home and office chandeliers


How to clean your home and office chandeliers

How to clean chandeliers

We have just bought ourselves a splendid chandelier to light up our house or our office. Whether it is a chandelier with multiple lights or a single light point, it will be cleaned exactly like the rest of the house.

Practical guide to clean the chandelier

Here are some practical tips on how to keep wrought iron chandeliers clean and shiny. What is needed? Must have available: baking soda or mild detergent, liquid wax and clean cloths.

It is necessary to start cleaning from the light off and cold. At this point, remove the bulbs and clean the dust with a soft cloth that does not scratch the surfaces. The cloth may be wet with hot water. For the glass parts just the damp cloth or at the most a glass spray will suffice. As for wrought iron, you can start with dusting the entire surface to remove the dust. You can use a duster, a dry cloth or a small brush to remove the dust in the narrower parts or in the decorations, among the curls, metal leaves.

How often do you clean wrought iron lamps?

This first step can be done when it is deemed appropriate, it is not invasive. Even once a week may suffice. When you want to do a deeper cleaning, when you remove the dust you can use baking soda or wax to make the chandelier shine.

To do this, we will have to wet our cloth with bicarbonate and hot water or a delicate detergent solution and pass it through all parts of the chandelier; floor lamp, base, arms and decorations. Once dry, you can spread some special wax for wrought iron to protect the chandelier and for a higher gloss. This procedure can be performed three or four times a year, but obviously depends on the context in which the chandelier is inserted and on the dust to which it is exposed.