How to choose the right chandelier


How to choose the right chandelier

What are chandeliers ...

and how to choose the right chandelier

The chandelier is a type of lamp that also acts as a decorative element and is a useful device to give artificial lighting in indoor environments and is therefore placed high up on the ceiling, so as to ensure complete lighting and a stable location.
The chandeliers are furnishing accessories able to give a new face to the rooms of your home. These attic chandeliers are available in different shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials, and you can choose from classic, rustic, traditional, shabby chic or modern chandeliers. Regardless of the choice, the chandelier will give a whole new and original style.

Which chandelier to choose?

You have finished painting the whole house, bought and placed new furniture ... the new house you have long wanted has finally taken shape. Missing only one (huge) detail to complete: the chandeliers!

The chandelier not only allows you to light up the room, but must be in harmony with the rest of the furniture. This is why the choice of the chandelier should not be made randomly or according to convenience, but must maintain a certain consistency in form, style, colors and material with respect to the rest of the furniture.
The right chandelier is not difficult to choose as it must be adapted to the style of furniture chosen and above all in harmony with the home environment. Sometimes, when we go in search of our chandelier, we are attracted by a chandelier that is beautiful in itself, but not suitable for our home environments. It is essential to ask yourself and ask if that chandelier would look good in your home environment. Would it fit the style you've chosen? Does it have the right dimensions and proportions? Does it offer adequate lighting?
The first element to take into consideration in the choice of the chandelier is certainly the material, since the market offers many types, from wrought iron chandeliers, with ceramics, with glass, etc.
The second element to consider a to analyze is the shape of the chandelier, which must be directly connected to the style and functionality. If the ceilings of the room are very low, it is not advisable to use chandeliers that extend in length, it is better to choose a horizontal chandelier that will not only balance the room but will harmonize the room and will be more practical. The chandelier that extends vertically as well as creating a visual impact in bad taste, can also create real problems of hindrance. But not only. A chandelier placed too low illuminates much less than one positioned high up.
If the ceiling is high, we can dare to have important chandeliers and even by the particular shape, in this case the chandelier will be a piece of furniture of a certain relevance and importance.
For a room with a very high ceiling, you can choose a chandelier with pendants or in any case with a particularly voluminous shape, which will not only decorate the room, but "fill the great void at the top.

The third element to consider; What size should the chandelier have? Taking into account that this also depends on the width of the room you want to illuminate.
For example, a dining room or living room may need a larger chandelier than the study or bathroom.
For a room of about 30 square meters, that is, of average size, the chandelier should be about 60 cm in diameter, which drop to 40 cm in diameter in the hypothesis of a product intended for a small room, about 15 square meters.
The fourth element to consider is the color of the room to assess how much light the chandelier can make. For example, if you opt for a chandelier with dark colors, keep in mind that it will spread less light, so it is less suitable for rooms with dark floors and furniture with intense colors such as wood.
The fifth element to consider is the material with which the chandelier is created, which can really be the most varied, the only limit is the imagination and of course the style of the room where it will be placed. There are iron chandeliers, a sturdy and severe material, but also special plastic, glass, ceramic, steel, crystal and many other types for each style and every material.
In our chandelier and lamp factory, both classic and modern, rustic and shabby chic chandeliers are created and produced every day with passion, for any environment, giving the possibility to choose the color of the frame, the decoration of the ceramic, the number of lights and the size of the chandelier according to the needs of the customer.
Last but not least, is the fixing of the attic chandeliers. This is something you really rarely think of. How will the chandelier be fixed? Are there any hooks in the ceiling? Usually in new homes there are. If the chandelier is fixed with hooks and there are in the ceiling you will not have bis